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Find a white gas fuel near you today. The white gas fuel locations can help with all your needs. Contact a location near you for products or services.

White gas, also known as Coleman fuel or naphtha, is a clean-burning fuel that is commonly used for camping stoves, lanterns, and heaters. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about finding white gas fuel near your location.

What is white gas?

White gas is a refined petroleum distillate that is similar to kerosene but burns cleaner with less soot. It has a distinctive petroleum smell and is colorless or very light in color.

Where can I buy white gas?

You can typically find white gas for sale at sporting goods stores, hardware stores, some gas stations, and online retailers. Popular brands include Coleman, Campingaz, and Gas One.

Is white gas the same as propane?

No, white gas and propane are different fuels. Propane is a gas that is stored under pressure in fuel canisters or tanks, while white gas is a liquid fuel.

How do I use white gas safely?

Always refuel appliances outdoors and away from any open flames. Store white gas containers safely away from sources of heat or sparks. Be sure to extinguish all smoking materials before refueling. Read and follow all instructions on fuel canisters.

What appliances use white gas?

Common appliances that use white gas include camping stoves, lanterns, portable heaters, fuel-burning tools like ropes and chain saws, and fuel for older appliances that previously ran on gasoline or kerosene like antique lamps.

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