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Find a flood deck stain near you today. The flood deck stain locations can help with all your needs. Contact a location near you for products or services.

Here are some frequently asked questions about flood deck stain with answers:

What is flood deck stain?

Flood deck stain is a protective water-based stain designed specifically for decks. It penetrates deep into wood fibers to block out water and protect against cracking or swelling caused by rain, snow, or other weather elements. Flood deck stain dries quickly and provides a long-lasting finish.

Why should I use flood deck stain over other types of stain?

Flood deck stain is ideal for decks because it is water-resistant and breathable, allowing moisture to escape from the deck boards. This prevents moisture from getting trapped under the finish and causing wood rot or deterioration over time. Flood deck stain is also easy to apply and recoat when the finish starts to wear down.

How often should I restain my deck with flood?

For optimum protection, most manufacturers recommend restaining your deck with flood deck stain every 1-2 years, depending on climate and weather exposure. High-traffic or heavily sun-exposed areas may need reapplication even more frequently. Always follow the product instructions for recoat timing.

Where can I find flood deck stain near me?

Many home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe's carry Flood brand deck stain products. You can also search online for other local paint and hardware stores that stock Flood stain in your area. Be sure to check availability and purchase flood deck stain from an authorized Flood retailer close to where the deck is located.

How do I apply flood deck stain?

Flood deck stain is applied like traditional wood stain. Prepare the deck surface by cleaning and allowing to dry fully. Then apply the stain using a paint roller, brush, or sprayer according to product instructions. For best results, apply in thin, even coats going with the grain of the wood. Allow drying time between coats as directed before light foot traffic.

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