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Sushi grade salmon is an essential ingredient for making homemade sushi. Here are some frequently asked questions about finding fresh, high-quality sushi salmon near your location.

How can I tell if salmon is sushi grade?

Look for salmon that has been previously frozen to -4°F or below for a minimum of seven days to kill any parasites. Sushi grade salmon will also be very fresh with bright, shiny pink or orange flesh and a clean smell.

What stores sell sushi grade salmon?

Most high-end grocery stores and Asian markets will carry sushi grade salmon. Some specialty fish markets may also have it available if they sell fresh seafood. Check the seafood counter for "sushi/sashimi grade" labels.

How far in advance should I order sushi salmon?

It's best to place your order with a local fish market 2-3 days before you need the salmon to allow time for delivery. Larger grocery stores may have it in stock fresh but quantities can vary daily.

What cuts of salmon are best for sushi?

Skin-on center-cut fillets work nicely sliced thin for nigiri or rolled in maki. You can also ask for a piece cut from the belly area for a fattier texture that's delicious in sushi.

How long does sushi salmon last in the fridge?

Properly stored sushi grade salmon will stay fresh in the fridge for 3-4 days. To maintain quality, keep it well-wrapped and on a plate below other foods in the fridge.

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