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Are you interested in attracting birds to your garden? Setting up a bird table is a great way to feed and observe birds all year round. Here are some frequently asked questions about bird tables and their answers:

What size bird table do I need?

A standard bird table is usually between 15-30 inches wide to allow multiple birds to feed at once. You can also opt for smaller or larger sizes depending on your garden space.

Where should I position the bird table?

Place your bird table in an open, sheltered spot with trees or shrubs providing cover for the birds. It's best if it's 3-6 feet away from dense foliage so birds can see predators approaching.

What type of bird food should I provide?

A variety of foods like seeds, nuts, grains, mealworms and suet cakes will attract different bird species. Change up the foods regularly so birds keep visiting your table.

How often should I refill the bird food?

Check and refill your bird table daily during peak feeding times. Birds rely on feeds from tables so make sure it's never empty, especially in winter.

How do I keep the area clean?

Sweep up spilled seeds regularly to avoid attracting rodents. Hosing down the table occasionally also helps keep it hygienic for the feathered visitors.

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